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Many software companies use the convention of adding JIRA ticket numbers to all commits.

Adding a JIRA number to new commits is easy with this guide:

The problem

What if you have MANY old commits that are missing JIRA numbers?

The solution

We can do this using git filter branch and sed. Steps below:

Do you ever forget to add the JIRA number to your commit message? The following steps will do it automatically if your branch name includes the ticket, e.g. JIRA-1234.




Are you trying to create a dotnet core solution with a test project?

Run these commands to get started:

mkdir YourSolution
cd YourSolution
dotnet new sln --name YourSolution

Create project directory

mkdir YourProject
cd YourProject

Create any kind of project you like! Examples:

dotnet new consoledotnet new webapi

See all templates:

dotnet new --help

Add the project to the solution

cd ..
dotnet sln add YourProject/YourProject.csproj

Repeat those same steps for your test project:

mkdir YourProjectTests
cd YourProjectTests
dotnet new xunit
cd ..
dotnet sln add YourProjectTests/YourProjectTests.csproj


dotnet restore
dotnet build
dotnet test

You have your first test!

Tom Dane

Software Developer

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